With each passing day, it is getting harder and harder to generate organic traffic on the website. Now customers have become smart and Google is making it difficult to be in the top of search results by updating its algorithm frequently to provide the best results to the customers. Along with these challenges, one of the big issues is high competition in the digital marketing world.


Let’s talk about how to face these challenges and come out as a winner with the right optimization techniques and strategies for boosting traffic on the website. In this blog, you will read about how to optimize content to Google's one of the big and recent changes i.e. Featured snippets.


Let’s, first of all, explore what is featured snippet?


All of you may have heard about it but don’t know what it is exactly and how it works to boost your online business. If this is the case, then let’s continue to read and know it in detail.


Featured snippets are selected search results that show on the top of organizing results in a box in search engines. They are mainly displayed below the ads. The primary purpose of the featured snippets is to answer user's questions quickly. They are helpful for brand exposure and drive huge organic traffic on the website.


Various SEO Services companies pay more attention to make the content on site featured by Google. Featured snippets SEO plays a big role in providing a high rank to the website. They are great for increasing brand awareness, traffic, leads, and sales on the website.


Kinds of Featured Snippets:


  • Paragraph featured snippets


  • Table featured snippets


  • List featured snippets


  • Accordion featured snippets


  • Video featured snippets




ü How to optimize featured snippets


Optimization of featured snippets is necessary to deal with the high competition and bring your business on the top. Featured snippets are helpful for increasing brand awareness and boosting the rank of a site.


Google loves steps, lists, and numbers


If you want to optimize your featured snippets, then you have to be factual and well-organized. Search engines love those sites that have factual data and content is written with the bullet points, lists, steps, and numbers.


  • Try to cover several similar answers in a single article


This is the best way to optimize for featured snippets that cover numerous related answers in single articles. Google fetches effectively synonymic and closely related questions. It will save time and you don't need to write separate and specific questions.


  • Add attractive and relevant images


Another easiest way to optimize featured snippets is to include the eye-catchy, high-quality, and relevant pictures on your website. Attractive images are also great to optimize your website rank.


  • Organize questions well


If you want feature snippet optimization, then you have to organize your questions well. It is one of the most important aspects which help to be featured in Google.


  • Test, Analyse and update


Last but not least thing is to test, analyse, and update. You have to constantly check out how your website is performing in the SERP and what is required to make your website best and featured.


Test the whole site and analyse where you are lacking from your prime competitors and update the required points.


Identify vital things to be featured in Google


Here important information is mentioned that will help you to identify the opportunities to be featured. Continue to read to explore more-


  1. Good to start with effective old keyword


It is great to start with the researching keywords because there is a high chance that more words are typed into a search box, the higher is the possibility to be featured snippet.


  • Tips for good practice of keyword research while keeping snippets in mind-
  • It is great to start with question-type search queries such as search queries that start with why,what, how, and others.
  • Your focus should be on targeting the informational intent.
  • Long-tail queries are the best for triggering the featured snippets.


Another practice to perform good keyword research is to check out the best-performing queries of your competitors' sites with the use of any modern keyword research tool.


  1. Check out for which queries you are performing well


For the quick result and get featured in Google, it is good to analyze for which phrases your website already ranks high. This is a fast and easy way to get featured. If you will increase the questions to see the answer, you would surely add more questions to the bottom of the box.


  1. Keep eyes on Twitter to know what questions people are asking


Another thing that will help your website gets featured snippet is to constantly check out what are people asking on Twitter. It will help you to write the query according to that. Also, you can use any tool like Cyfe or others to monitor twitter results.