Those on PC are upset by this program because it is clear and wait

Those on PC are upset by this program because it is clear and wait

Now regarding PSO2 NA... I really do think some folks have had unrealistic expectations in a few instances. To list a few,"PSO2 NA must have each of PSO2AH the collabs irrespective of how old and immaterial the collab is currently" or"PSO2 better possess account transfers from JP". A few cases I've seen have just been lack of study though... some people still believed that EU will be Region Blocked or that we won't receive the PC version until the end of 2020. There really is a lot of reasons for these items.

I will give you an answer which is telling you exactly what you are fishing for. A number of those complaining just observe for what it really is the decision to put it simply. PSO2 was brought over for 2 reasons. Since the game is loved by Phil Spencer and needs it and because MS needed something to draw people to its stage as a support. PSO2 is that kind of thing and the exclusivity that it has is for the piece.

If the OBT included PC The same as Xbox, Windows is an MS product and could be exclusive to Microsoft along with the work they put in. However, PC is excluded from this since there is a really clear attempt to bolster selling on the console and the dwell sub prior to the new creation comes out later this season (or not contemplating that the pandemic.) It's easy to say that this scheme won't make them much, but the simple truth is that it is more than 0. Lots of people have admitted to purchasing a sub that was live and a Xbox simply to play the OBT, therefore it is clearly working.

Those on PC are upset by this program because it is clear and wait, tell them to just buy a Xbox or people arguing against them tend to pretend that it isn't, or that it is justified because Phil Spencer helped deliver it. People play and Windows is still a Microsoft product, so the exclusivity remains undamaged. There's also the refusal to pay money and cover a sub to perform a Free-2-Play game which many find absurd.

I've a sense the topic was made to have your opinion to folks. Your query spends time to warrant a single side and frame the other as unreasonable. In terms of the other hate, there a number of reasons that come down being the pso2 buying meseta web, but given the way you framed your question, I do not think you are referring to that.