Head back into the Lair and provide the bars to the Runescape

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Begin: Speak to Osman and inquire how things are going, and he will say not so good. Recently, 10 of the kings greatest guards have been kidnapped, and the motive is considered to be to weaken defenses on the palace. So, again, you need to save people for Osman. He'll inform you that the tracks led from the desert and that's where the kidnappers are thought to have gone. However, you will have to be disquised to get into the hideout RS Gold 2007. Strike him till he drops his"hideaway ring" and also a"Hideout Map." (this is going to be once he begins to retreat if he's going to die.)He provides you the scroll of the omega. Proceed to the elemental workshop and there will be a new portal site on the first floor, you will teleport to a place like thre character mione only its an arena. Proceed to the podium and use the scroll.you lose all your runes. It will ditch the omega elemental (460) a roguh sketch of it's that this megaelemtanatmh9.png it has a volcano arm and torado arm, it ft cna create torandos and it spits out flooding capible water. Its made of black smoke. It does distrious dames.once defeated the room will become white and you have to touch the orb (follow the light) and you will teleport back to the plane summoner.

At the center there's a giant rune with all the symbols onto it. Nxt you have to craft the altar. Speak to boot up and he says it is going to reqire gold, not the pubs but coins. After getting 10 mil gold he'll bring you to a ginat cannon and will burst you into the plane summoner area with the piecs of the altar. Ivan wll then say that the stand for your altar is needed. You'll have to go to sophaniem. Ivan will accompany you with this one. Speak to any citizen and they will tell you about a key beneath temple under the telmple/ look for a trapdoor directly behind the altar.

You wil ahve to pickpoctet te large preist. Which includes a 20% likelihood of retirving. So multiple attempts might be nessary. I the scret temple you wil likely be caught by the guards and also be thrown out in to the center of the desert along with all your waterskins taken away. Ivan will tell you that there were a lot of stones in the region. Provide him a ring of stoneand you have to go back. Everytime a gurrd is approchging ivan will ell GUARD! And that your signal you turn to a stone temple map: sophtempsoe6.png at the center you get limestone schmatics. Ivan indicate another means to depart by collapsing the tunnels. He will provide you bronze pickaxe in case you dont have one.

The moment it starts busting guards willl rush and ivan will barely hold off them might almost die with only a bronze pickaxe, as it's going to be slow.when you are done you will wake up outside the agility pyrimid and ivan will tele you and him to the plane summoner Buy RS3 Gold. With the limestone schmatics you'll have the ability to smith a rack with your limestone bricks. Now's a simple part, all you've got to do is use your high fletching level to craft a giants summoning pole.