Replacing thermal grease and cleaning the MacBook Pro cooling system

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A couple of years after buying a MacBook Pro laptop, users face the same problems: the laptop is not working so fast, it freezes, its case heats up, and the fan sound becomes louder. The causes of these troubles are dust accumulation in the cooling system and the need to replace thermal paste, which protects the computer processor from overheating. The fact is that over time, thermal grease loses its properties, which makes the processor overheating. In this case, is required to replace it with a thermal paste.

To clean the cooling system and replace the thermal paste, contact the Macbook Repair  The masters of the center will need 40 minutes to prevent your laptop. In our service center, we clean the cooling system and replace the thermal paste of the MacBook Pro models 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 with a diagonal of 13 ”, 15” and 17 ”.

How MacBook Pro signals that it's time to replace thermal grease

How often do you need to dust your MacBook Pro

Replace Thermal Grease and Clean Your MacBook Pro

Cleaning and replacing MacBook Pro thermal paste in Dubai

How MacBook Pro signals that it's time to replace thermal grease

Symptoms of drying thermal paste and clogging of the laptop cooling system, which are important to pay attention to:

the cooler is too loud, its speed is increased; the computer is slow, slows down;

the case in the area of the processor heats up; the device turns off spontaneously.

If your MacBook Pro starts to work too slowly, this means that the processor has warmed up to its maximum permissible temperature (105 ° C) and, in order not to overheat further, has reduced the frequency. This happens in cases where the thermal grease on the processor has dried up and no longer performs its main function - overheating protection.

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In this case, the processor and the heatsink are in contact. Over time, the thermal paste dries, losing its properties, and the crystal begins to overheat.

Important! It is necessary to change the thermal paste layer every two years because constant overheating of the processor accelerates its wear. At the first symptoms of thermal paste drying, contact a service center.

How often do you need to dust your MacBook Pro Motherboard dusty pics

You work in a clean office or travel with your laptop, put it on a sterile table or take it with you to the construction site - sooner or later, the laptop's cooling system will become clogged and you will need to clean it. Symptoms of a clogged cooling system: