How to reactivate aol account

Learn how to change your AOL paid subscription, cancel your AOL paid or premium subscription or terminate/delete your AOL username.

Did your AOL Mail account gets deactivated? If yes, then it can because your account was unused or due to inactivity. If your AOL mail account gets deactivated, then you may not be able to access emails and attachments. You need to reactive the account as soon as possible so that you can get full access to your account easily. If you do not want to reactivate the account on your own, then you need to call AOL customer service number to speak with the experts for helping the users.


Why AOL Account Get Deactivated?

There can be various reasons why AOL mail gets deactivated, and some of them are listed below:

  • When you have requested for deleting your AOL account, then your account will be deactivated first.

  • If you have not logged into AOL mail account for 90 days, then it may get deactivated.

  • If your AOL mail account was utilized in a way that is violating the term of services of AOL.

Steps To Reactivate AOL Email Account

Follow the steps given below to reactivate your AOL email account: AOL Free Account

If you have a free AOL email account, which got deactivated due to inactivity, then you don’t need to worry you can easily reactivate it.

  • Open the web browser and open the AOL mail login page.

  • Enter your username and password to sign-into your AOL account.

  • Once you get successfully logged into your account, then your AOL account is reactivated.

AOL Premium Subscription

You can reactivate the AOL account with premium subscription in the following way:

  • You need to open your favorite web browser and then open the AOL login page.

  • Enter the login credentials to log in to your account and click on the login button.

  • Once you signed in to your account, click on the tab of My Services from the homepage of your account.

  • Click on the Subscription and select the AOL service you want to reactivate.

  • Go to the Information section of the subscription and then open the access URL in a new tab.

  • You will be redirected to the page where you want to enter the login credentials.

  • And click on the Forgot Password option and follow the onscreen instruction to recover the password carefully.

  • Now follow the instruction given on the screen to reactivate the AOL account.

If the problem persists, then you can call the AOL support number to speak with the professionals who will assist you in fixing the issue at hand. The experts are available at all 24 hours to hear the errors faced by the user and then help them in fixing it.