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Avianca is public aircraft transporter of Colombia since 1919 and is the biggest carrier in Colombia and the second biggest in Latin America. It is important for the Synergy Group that joins Ocean Air (Brazil) and VIP (Ecuador). With its auxiliaries that incorporate Avianca Brasil, and Avianca Costa Rica, Avianca has the most broad organization of objections in Latin America and is one of the principle carriers associating South America with the remainder of the world. Working from its center in Bogotá to more than 25 objections in Colombia, and in excess of 40 objections in the Americas and Europe. In 2019, the carrier is praising its 100th commemoration most seasoned consistently working aircraft in the Western Hemisphere.


As of October 2019, Avianca Telefono had an armada size of 117 and have 115 airplane on hand. The carrier has an armada that is prevalently comprised of Airbus airplane, despite the fact that it does various Boeing, Cessna and Embraer airplane too.

Registration Information

Online Check-In

Travelers have the chance to registration for their flight utilizing our online registration page. From that point, click on the aircraft logo which will take you to the Avianca Numero De Telefono . You can utilize either your booking code or your e-ticket number to registration to your Avianca flight on the web. Web registration opens 24 hours before your flight time.

Air terminal Check-In

To registration at the air terminal, Avianca express that travelers should show up at the registration counters in any event three hours before the flight if flying globally and at any rate one hour before their flight if flying locally. The carrier additionally gives the alternative for travelers to registration utilizing self-administration booths at the air terminal. Travelers should just enter their subtleties into oneself help stand and print their ticket at the air terminal. Travelers can registration on all flights utilizing a self-administration stand from 24 hours before your flight.

In the event that flying locally inside Colombia and Peru, registration utilizing oneself assistance booth closes 35 minutes before planned flight takeoff time. In the event that flying locally inside Ecuador, self-administration booths are accessible for registration as of recently before planned flight takeoff time. In the case of flying elsewhere, stands close one hour before your flight takeoff time.

Stuff Allowance

Lightweight Baggage

Travelers are qualified for one thing of free portable stuff and one free close to home thing. The things should be no bigger than 115cm in measurement and be no heavier than 10kg in weight. These standards apply to travelers flying in all classes.

Checked Baggage

Travelers in Economy Class are qualified for one thing of free checked stuff. Checked things should not surpass the components of 158cm and should be no heavier than 23kg. Those flying in Business Class are qualified for two things of free checked stuff with a most extreme joined load of 32kg. The components of every individual pack should not surpass 158cm.

Need more things? Add additional stuff to your Avianca Airlines at the hour of procurement with Alternative Airlines.

Strength Items and Sports Equipment

Explicit guidelines and guidelines apply to flying with athletic gear. Continuously check the carrier's stature and weight guidelines prior to flying with things, for example, surfboards, golf clubs and bikes. Bowling hardware, tennis rackets and fishing gear can be checked onto your Avianca trip at no extra expense in the event that they don't surpass 23kg. Bikes can be checked (for an extra expense) as long as they weigh under 32kg and don't surpass 230 lineal cm. For more data on flying with your bike if it's not too much trouble, see our FAQ page on "Flying with a Bike."

Economy Class

Economy class is the aircraft's most reduced expense lodge class. You can pick between the Economy Class admissions — Super Promo, Econo and Flexi. While the inflight offices and seating is the equivalent with each toll, travelers do get different advantages when buying a more costly passage, for example, seat-pre determination and free abrogations and changes.

Economy Class Facilities

Economy Class offers a wide scope of inflight diversion, just as a morning meal, lunch and supper menu, contingent upon the time that you fly. Avianca's cooking styles are made utilizing the top-quality fixings. A portion of the flights have a starter, hot plate alternatives and treat. Menus are likewise adjusted to your extraordinary prerequisites at no extra expense

Economy Class Seats

Economy Class offers agreeable seats with legroom. On long stretch flights, an individual TV is fitted to each situate.

Premium Economy

The aircraft doesn't have a Premium Economy Class. Travelers that might want to update from Economy ought to consider the aircrafts' Business Class.

Business Class

Travelers who have booked Economy Class have the choice to redesign through Aerovias' Plusgrade Auction System, or, then again, a minute ago at the air terminal if there are situates still accessible in Business Class.

Business Class Facilities

Advantages of going as a Business Class traveler incorporate need boarding, VIP lounges, two bits of things stipend, a unique food and drink choice ready, and need stuff labeling so your things will be prepared to pick us at the earliest opportunity upon appearance.

How are Business Class Seats?

The agreeable Business seating will lean back to a resting position, and individual touch screen TV's are given. Conveniences additionally incorporate a pad and cover, shoe sacks, travel unit, a lot of extra room, seat and light controls, USB port, and global fitting.

Top of the line

The aircraft doesn't have a First Class lodge. Business Class is the carriers' most elevated level of lodge class.

In-flight Services

In-flight Entertainment and Wifi

The carrier gives singular TVs on a portion of their airplane where films, TV projects, music and flight guide can be found. Nonetheless, for the airplane don't have this assistance, The aircraft likewise has an application, called 'Avianca Entertainment' which can be downloaded to travelers individual mobiles, PCs or tablets where a similar diversion can be gotten to. The aircraft gives electrical plugs to travelers to charge their own gadgets. This assistance isn't accessible on Airbus A318 or Embraer 190 Aircraft. Travelers can appreciate high velocity WiFi, with costs showed to them once associated with their organization, where travelers can pick their installment choice.

Long standing customer Program

With Avianca's long standing customer program you can acquire and recover miles and exploit all the administrations they have on proposal to its 7,000,000 individuals. Avianca Telefono Customer Service offers LifeMiles Silver, Gold Elite and Diamond Element Programs to its individuals.

Carrier Alliance

Avianca is an individual from Star Alliance who is the world's driving coalition of carriers. In the event that you are an individual from any Star Alliance regular customer program you can get and reclaim miles and gives you section to more than 1,000 VIP lounges worldwide and associations with in excess of 1,000 objections in more than 100 nations. Gold Elite and Silver Star Alliance individuals approach an assortment of additional items, for example, need registration and need stuff dealing with.

Uncommon Services

Avianca offers various uncommon administrations to its travelers. Kindly see underneath the accompanying administrations it offers:


In the event that you require wheelchair help at the air terminal, you should address Avianca Miami Telefono of this at the hour of your booking. You can demand this help by breaking through to the aircraft's workplaces; or the Alternative Airlines client assistance group in the event that you have booked through our site. For more data on this if it's not too much trouble, see our wheelchair help page.

Unaccompanied minors

You should utilize this assistance if a kid from the ages of 5 and 11 goes to any homegrown or worldwide objections. People between the ages of 12 and 17 are allowed to travel unaccompanied. For more data see our Unaccompanied minors page.

Eager Mothers

You might be approached to show certain clinical structures prior to flying. For your own wellbeing of the youngster, Avianca prompts 28 weeks pregnant moms are at high-hazard. For more data on this if it's not too much trouble, click here.

Going with Pets

Take them with you in the cockpit or in the hold of the plane. For transport, you should introduce the wellbeing investigation testament and meet the prerequisites of the objective. For more data see our flying with pets page.

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