Tell you the best fishing spots in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been on sale for more than a month, and many players call it the best expansion in recent years. After completing endgame tasks such as raids, PvP or just advancing the "Convention" storyline, veterans and excited newcomers will always make a difference in the game. However, if players want to do other things, they can also engage in careers such as fishing.

Since World of Warcraft, fishing has been a leisure activity that requires open water and time. However, fish and other rare materials that can be caught are an essential part of other end industries such as cooking. Shadowlands continues this tradition, and the best foods in Mythic+ and Castle Nathria require a lot of fish-making reagents. Fortunately, there are several locations in each of the WOW Classic Gold four main areas, where players can fish relatively undisturbed.

Before leaving Oribos, players should look for a coach in Hall of Prin. The modeling hall is in the northwest corner of Oribos, and Au'prin is at coordinates 47.6 and 24.2. The nearby fishing supplier distributor Au'nagl will also sell useful items such as fishing rods, bait and lures for certain types of fish. Since bait is cheap and lasts 30 minutes per use, it is a good idea to start storing now.

When the player is fishing in the open waters of the fortress, we mainly catch the Silvergill Pike. Compared with other areas, there are many pools, lakes and waterways here, but according to the development of the Kylian storyline and covenants, certain creatures may be staged or occupied. However, there is only one point at coordinates 42, 32 in the Shimmering Pools sub-area near the Sagehaven flight path. Players fishing here can choose between multiple pools without encountering any hostile enemies. very interesting.

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