POE players look forward to Endless Delve Compared to Mayhem

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Many loyal fans of Path of Exile have fully prepared for the GGG launch events. And the arrival of the Path of Exile Mayhem event has enhanced players’ desire to fight, because the chaotic game environment has made many players crazy. And players can also use many of the excellent mechanisms in the previous leagues to get more POE Currency. This Friday is the alternation of the first event and the second event, the end of Mayhem and the beginning of Endless Delve.

After experiencing Mayhem for three days, most players said they are more looking forward to the upcoming Endless Delve. Why is there such a situation? Because it has bored many players in the POE Heist League for a long time, suddenly let them join in such a frantic and chaotic battle, the players cannot adapt to such a fast pace and such a dangerous threat in such a short time. In contrast, although Endless Delve also has certain risks, compared with Mayhem, it is already very suitable for current players.

The Azurite Mine will be where players must stay for the next week. As in the past, the deeper the players, the greater the threat. But as the saying goes, wealth is in danger. The rewards they can receive in the end are directly proportional to their achievements in the event. What may be challenging for players is that they cannot find a place to hide until the end of the event, because then the system will punish them. So they must always move forward and always bear all the pressure on their own.

In the end, the top five players in the event can get rewards of unimaginable quantity and quality. Other players will definitely reject players who don’t work hard. So if they want to get an excellent result in the top five in the Endless Delve Event, then Buy many POE Orbs and POE Items before the event has started to add a guarantee for their ultimate victory.