Which Is Better Above or Inground Pools?


There's just something about having a pool in the backyard that most homeowners secretly crave. Whether it's the ability to go for a dip anytime they'd like or gorgeous landscapes, it's no surprise each year millions of homeowners make the leap to pool ownership. Pools provide that sense of relief from the heat, fun times with the family, and so much more. But before you can start swimming, you must first decide whether to purchase an inground or above ground pool.

These pool types are very different. They also cost substantially different too, inground being much more expensive. So how do you know which is right for you? Which Sydney pool building services are right for you?


Above Ground Pools 

Above the ground, pools can be found just about anywhere. They can be purchased online and put up in a matter of hours. Many individuals like above ground pools for the cost. You can get a high-quality ground pool for a few thousand dollars. 

Are you interested in freshwater or saltwater pools? The good news is with above ground pools; you can have both. They make a wide range of pools and products to give you an inground pool feel while maintaining a lower cost. The downside to above ground pools is their lifespan. Typically an above ground pool will not last as long as an inground pool. Conversely, you'll be replacing the pool liner before you know it. The liner is often made of virgin vinyl. This is susceptible to tears, especially the thinner gauged vinyl you have.


In-Ground Pools

Inground pools offer something that above ground pools can't, a return on your investment. Most homeowners find that if they sell their home, they will get more money for their property should they have a custom pool installed. However, there are downsides to having an inground pool—one of the biggest being maintenance.

 If you are not hiring a professional for upkeep, you may find your spending quite a bit of time cleaning out the pool and making sure the chemical balance is correct. That being said, some of the maintenance can be side skirted should you have the proper products installed, including a pool cover.

Inground pools also come with a wide range of customization available. You can use natural stone for coping or the end caps to give your pool a high-end feel. You can also install tile features to create waterfalls and much more. 



Having a pool is an excellent way to be more physically fit, relax, and improve the look of your backyard. The decision as to whether or not you get an above ground pool or inground pool often comes down to cost. An inground pool with varying features may cost upwards of $10,000. Though, you can expect a greater return when it comes time to sell your home if you have an inground pool installed.