Remember to Call the Removal Company

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Remember to Call the Removal Company

If you are going to be moving within the next six months or so then you really need to call a removal company to get them and you started on arranging your moving day. You will need to choose your removal company first and after you have had two or more of them walk through your premises you will be getting several estimates. You will need to make a choice as soon as possible so they can get you on their schedule.

Anything you can do before the removal company arrives to make the move easier will benefit everyone. This doesn't mean hauling about boxes, but making sure your boxes are well marked with what room they will go into. Also make sure you mark boxes that contain fragile items with FRAGILE in very large letters. The movers will need to set any that are marked that way in a certain position in the moving van so do mark it with arrows pointing in the up direction or write TOP or BOTTOM on the boxes.

Believe it or not, movers do read your labels. When they have Packers and Movers Ludhiana moved all of your boxes out of the house they may set them outside the van according to size. Then the driver will direct the movers to bring him the various boxes so that he is able to pack his truck so the weight is evenly distributed. It could cause a problem if they put all of the weight on one side of the truck or all of it at one end or the other. When he has the men bring him the boxes they do see your labels and will stack them accordingly. Be certain you have marked the boxes correctly. If you have a box of crystal glasses at the bottom of a pile of a dozen other boxes filled with books you may only have shards of crystal in the box instead of goblets. Even if you have packed them quite well in a glass pack box they may be too light to support a lot of heavy boxes of books.

After you called your removal company and scheduled your moving date, you will need to get certain things done. So you will also have to call your utility companies to make sure you have light and power and water. You will also need to notify the post office that you have an upcoming change of address. You may also need to let your magazine subscriptions services also know you are moving because some items will not be forwarded. Of course you will notify your bank and credit card companies in advance so they have the correct address to mail their statements to.

It is also important to make sure what internet services you will have if they are different from your current services. It is sometimes surprising how many services we use and business we conduct over the internet so any of those address changes also need to be made.

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