Everyone thinks I play with a gnome

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Do you have a fundraising goal for this year's event? We're kind of expecting to double classic gold wow or triple the sum, although we set it in $ 5,000. Honestly, the Pink Fund is really amazing, so we're expecting to get them a ton more cash. We always place the target really low. The Gnomes create a great deal because of everything and the hair. Is that your favourite race in the game, or is it the one which matches the subject of the event the most?

Everyone thinks I play with a gnome. A human warlock in the game and I play. But okay, we will make a great deal of shirts when we picked -- we thought, but we decided we could not make 35 tops. That sounded like a lot of work. And now, with all the size that it has grown, I'm really glad that we did not pick because I don't think every year, we can make 7,000 pink tops we could make tops for everybody. The gnomes are extremely adorable. They're adorable. It's really catchy. They are fun. But I play with a gnome.

Do you play WoW pretty frequently? Yeah, I have been enjoying classic wow gold sale a lot, but I play live on occasion. It just -- I go through cycles. I perform the role-playing realms, so I do a lot of enjoyable and writing adventuring items DD, like this -design stuff on the servers. It keeps me busy. Lots of collecting. I do a lot of collecting and things like that if I get bored with raiding and matters like that. I did a lot of raiding until Battle for Azeroth, and then I quit.