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These are small fenced-in spaces in the form of individual storage rooms or lockers.

Box rentals.

These are small fenced-in spaces in the form of individual storage rooms or lockers. Their dimensions can start from the size of a microwave to boxes of 100 square meters or more. Boxes are partitions made of metal profiles clad with profiled sheets. Doors are also often made of sheet metal and are usually painted in corporate colors. The doors are made on the hinges to close the pantry on his padlock.

Pantries can either be with internal lighting and an electrical outlet or without them. The height of such boxes depends on the room's height or the mezzanine's height when using this design solution. The usable storage area is divided into many compartments of different sizes and volumes to meet the demand for various sizes.

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Parameters of box-type storage

Between the boxes make, a small corridor passes. Generally, the ratio of the area occupied by cubicles to the total room size is up to 70% - it is a good ratio. If you translate it into real figures, this percentage means that if the area of the room is 100 square meters, then only 70 square meters of boxes can be done there. The remaining 30 sq.m. will be used for corridors and other auxiliary areas.

To reduce operating costs and reduce the period of return on investment boxed storage system is trying to do multi-story. It is believed that boxed individual storage systems of 4 floors show optimal financial results. To do this, either initially buy or build a building with several feet or erect mezzanines - iron structures that allow several levels of storage in a building with high ceilings. Once a mezzanine is built, differently sized boxes with a corridor system are made on each floor.

To access the second and subsequent floors, either cargo elevators or cargo-passenger elevators are used. In terms of cost, of course, the spaces in the first-floor rentals are the most expensive. And in terms of size, they are also sometimes the largest. This is because tenants in small spaces do not need a large turnover of their goods and belongings, so they are located on the highest floors, thereby reducing the load and wear and tear on the building's elevator service.