Top 5 reasons why UPSC mock tests are important

Taking a free UPSC mock test is as important as actually taking the UPSC exam. The mock test series will eliminate various knowledge gaps and help you score more.

Introduction - Most of us choose to join the civil service as a red flag or simply to gain fame. Still, the real purpose of joining an IAS is stifled as there is no dedication to assisting others and finding answers to their problems. Contrary to private employment and corporations, civil services shouldn't be treated with a "what's in it for me?" mentality. Instead, it should focus on societal reform, and candidates should consider the big picture of what they might accomplish for the country and how they can improve on the current social agenda. 

Through its well-defined three stages, Prelims, Mains, and Interview, the UPSC examination closely analyses these social features of each examinee. As a result, the UPSC test pattern is made in a way that emphasizes case studies while also emphasizing current affairs, hot topics, and national policies from previous years.

Knowledge alone won't get you through the UPSC Prelims. You must have exam skills.

You must be acquainted with the questions that are asked. You must learn how to avoid receiving poor grades. You must improve your chances of selecting the correct response, especially for subjects you are doubtful about.

You must practice the appropriate UPSC mock tests in order to develop that skill. Let us see the top 5 reasons you should go for a free UPSC mock test. 

  1. Practice - Even though you make more missteps when taking mock tests, there is a greater likelihood that you won't repeat them on the real test. By completing mock test series throughout time and even improve your performance, you will achieve great outcomes. The proper exposure and areas where you need to make additional efforts to pass the exam are revealed by test series, which not only allow you regularly assess your degree of preparation but also offer you the right exposure. Long-term practice makes our labor skilled, natural, Swift, and stable.

  2. Learn exam pattern - The UPSC exam's exam pattern is constantly changing and breaking the mold, which makes it harder for students to succeed. Due to the dynamic nature of the UPSC exam and the evolving requirements of the exam in recent decades, it is therefore vital to reorient your strategy.

  3. Develop time-management and accuracy - Previous year's high scorers frequently assert in interviews that they did not perform well on the main exam because they only missed two questions on the preliminary exam. As a result, it can be said that taking part in the free UPSC mock test series program is a must because the UPSC exam is so unexpected that even top scorers don't always know the right answer. You can only ace the UPSC exam by working through the UPSC mock test series.

  4. Overcome exam phobia and stage fright - The most common psychological explanation for careless errors and subpar exam performance is exam phobia. To ensure optimum comfort and least worry, practice is crucial. Hence the more test series you pass, the less anxious you will be. Because of this, practicing mock test series in an exam-like setting is the finest technique to deal with your emotional stress. You'll be able to overcome your fear and become more self-assured as a result.

  5. Avoid negative marking - Mock exams assist in understanding the mechanics of negative marking and assisting in dealing with it by learning what to choose and what to pass over. They will acquire the ability to absorb and comprehend the curriculum and its explanations by giving it their all. You can avoid negative markings after you figure out the tactics and become accustomed to the exam format and question style. The secret to mastering these abilities is taking mock exams.

Conclusion - Thus, taking a free UPSC mock test is as important as actually taking the UPSC exam. The mock test series will eliminate various knowledge gaps and help you score more. The most important thing to remember during UPSC exams is how to avoid negative markings. This is only possible if you are prepared by taking mock tests. After taking the correct practice tests, finding your strengths and flaws allows you to focus more on the areas that need improvement.