How Often Should I Really Be Washing My Hair?


Some people believe that they should wash their hair every day, while others no-poo and do it once a week. Unfortunately, the fact is that everyone thinks that they are right. But what is true, and how often should we wash our hair to keep it healthy and clean? How often you wash your hair may depend on hair type, the environment you live in, and the shampoo (or shampoo alternative) you use. Consider the following when you need to know how often you should wash your hair. 

A few factors affect how often we should wash our hair, and these factors vary from person to person. We often see oily hair as dirty hair, and this is not always the truth. Children and older adults do not produce as much oil, or sebum, as adults in their 20s and 30s, so they may not need to wash their hair as often. As well, those with fine, fragile, thin, or damaged hair may see that their hair is damaged through washing, so they may wash their hair once a week or even only once every few weeks. Also, consider how much you swear, how much physical dirt or pollen you’ve come into, or styling products were used. 

After you’ve considered these factors, you are a few steps closer to understand how often you should wash your hair. Shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil; however, if you have no excess oil to remove, you will overuse it and damage your hair. The scalp becomes dry became shampoo strips the most important oils that it produces. Once you start overwashing, it can take a long to fix this damage. If you notice that you are developing or have dandruff, this could be a sign that you are overwashing your hair.  

To make the transition to washing your hair once a week, or even once every two weeks, more effortless, there is a range of alternatives. Dry shampoo is a popular option and comes in varieties for blonde and brunette hair. Dry shampoo does not clean hair but instead absorbs the oil and prevents your hair from clumping. Cleansing conditioners are also becoming a popular option because they do not irritate the hair or scalp with traditional detergents. For those with curly hair, water-only washing has become an increasingly popular option because it creates bouncier curls. 

Regardless of how often your hair needs to be washed, it is true that everyone is different. Treating your hair right is an excellent form of self-care, and when you are to shop for hair products, be careful to choose the right shampoo, styling products, and alternative shampoos for your hair type.