I Mean Never Tarnish The Roller Coaster Of Emotions

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This is why I don't like the user mechanics. In Mut 21 coins (M20), it is possible to place two routes that cross the field and cover one with your user long and then break to the other one. In M21, you need to pick among them and stick, allowing the other route to be constantly open because of the way zones work. You are currently limiting yourself to a single participant or a little window of this area. Routes and articles will return like they were in M19 with Pats Sail meta. I mean that zone is supposed to be performed for the most part. You pick up.

Obviously there are men who ought to be in a position to pay both (Polamalu/Reed guys). Just gotta learn how to create the proper reads and put another defenders in position to cover the stains your user can not cover. The problem is that if zones played they were supposed to, then you can do that. Hopefully the zone drops will help with that, but the way they're currently (and at the beta because I messed about with multiple crossing/post/slant routes), the consumer needed to commit to one of them and I'd just throw the other, or they'd try to switch midway and I had either one available since the consumer was too slow.

I think the larger issue with the consumer being slow is the cancel the user enables, if you play with zone the other defenders don't respond well which means that the user is the person who usually has to make the play and cover a good deal of the area. It is not realistic but it balances Madden 21 similar to how QB running fumbles in a top rate in madden compared to actual life. In the Beta, it had been clear that guy coverage was the move but any decent madden player has man beaters in their arsenal and using an athletic user can usually help offset that. I think that the user more accurate to the player's skill is optimistic if the remainder of field can react to their assignments as well or else slants and crossing type routes will only be overpowered.

Madden 21 is Completed

I really like guys, the optimism. I love Madden 21 and want it to be great. I'm a franchise die hard and that will never change. But it's a month and a half out from launch, what can they add to fix Madden 21? Honestly? Madden 21 is being made into discs in factories and they're working on the face update that follows launch and comes out in October. Anything that is even thought of for franchise will be around Christmas. They released that movie as a PR stunt.

Please don't fall for this. buy Madden 21 coins has so much potential and you're all too smart to be gullible enough to think they are gonna correct franchise in a month. Be realistic. Keep flooding them and don't buy Madden 21 till it goes on sale, please. Only have that much self restraint and produce their first release numbers plummet. Money talks. It may be. I love you all, keep fighting for what you desire.