FIFA 21 won't have VAR or fan-free stadiums

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FIFA 21 won't have VAR or fan-free stadiums, EA has confirmed. Despite being two of the most controversial aspects of the 2019-2020 season, EA's next football sim isn't looking to replicate them in-game. VAR, short for ‘video assistant referee’, has been met with mostly negative feedback from fans of the Premier League following a series of marginal offside calls being overturned, and its use in England is likely to be reviewed this summer. Fan-free stadiums are a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and expected to be the norm next season in most major football leagues.

VAR (or Video Assistant Referee) is a system that exists in most top-division football played around the world to the annoyance of many with critics accusing it of being a waste of time and error-prone, however, one place that you won't be seeing it is in the latest edition of FIFA 21, with EA Sports announcing that the controversial system won't be making it into the game. After the last instalment in the FIFA franchise received mixed reviews about its gameplay changes, the game’s developers know they need to get back on track with this year’s release and VAR seemingly won't be part of that. If you want to know where to Buy FIFA 21 Points Account, will be your best choice.

“Every year we set out to make the most authentic football experience possible,” says line producer Ionel Stanescu. “But we want to make sure that we express football in its best, and purest, form. For us that means crowds in the stadium, because that’s what the sport is all about. To that end you will still get the full-on broadcast experience of a regular football match. Full-on crowds, authentic atmosphere and so on.”

In other words, FIFA games always had VAR and the development team don’t see how this additional feature would complement FIFA 21’s gameplay. Speaking of FIFA 21 gameplay, we finally got to see what the new game will look like. As expected, the game looks even sharper than ever before. In addition, the developers implemented some new features allowing players to think of more creative ways to attack and defend. New features include Agile Dribbling, Positioning Personality, Creative Runs, and Natural Collision System.