We Are Still Paying $10 More Hell Naw

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Not only that, but making your gamers cover to get a next gen version when other developers are doing free next gen updates is unsatisfactory to say the least. You need to buy two matches if you would like to play your old and new systems, 2k21 mt xbox one is pricier by default, and it's going to be loaded with microtransactions and pay to win strategies. I have no idea why folks aren't more upset about it.

They have to invest along with licensing whatever engines they may utilize. Is $10 more bucks that big of a deal? To me the cost when it comes to visuals, audio fidelity, AI and if NBA 2K21 is completed daily 1. If we are paying $70 and every game releases as a mess like BF V with attributes then yeah I would alter my position. But NBA 2K21 is quite anti customer and it is paste and a copy of the prior NBA game.

I completely see your argument there. Sports games do get repetitive and may lack excellent development. Didn't 2K20 have some microtransactions? I seem to remember people getting upset about that. That is another thing too. If a part of NBA 2K21 is behind a paywall however we are still paying $10 more hell naw. NBA 2K20 I believe made you watch ads even only to do some things in NBA 2K21. And the major part of NBA 2K21 is supporting loot boxes and paywall.

Just like any other sports game. Reading they require you to buy a double version for $99. That is enough to never touch NBA 2K21. Since other companies are going to perform smart delivery. Yes its a huge deal when you consider the number of matches are priced at 60 and released unfinished then ask for another 20 for dlc that should happen to be in NBA 2K21 to start with or another 40 for a year pass.

Not everyone can purchase how to buy mt on nba 2k21 with this kind of a price label, there are many who can't even purchase NBA 2K21 on its own launch (60$ AAA) and wait for a couple of years to buy them on sale.If NBA 2K21 is good they make lot of money with this 60$ price+microtransactions,then why are they performing this.According for your logic a fantastic match can even be priced 100$,but most of NBA 2K21rs won't have an opportunity to experience that caliber.