I like everything about PSO2 except the music

The first PSO had some of my video game titles of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta this day. And I truly loved songs.

The first PSO had some of my video game titles of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta this day. And I truly loved songs. Me and my buddies are really enjoying PSO 2, but I must say none of the songs has grabbed me like a number of those songs from PSO, PSOBB, or PSU. The music is worse for certain. The combat feel less meaningful. Individual enemies matter much less, and the scenarios that are dangerous are only dangerous since the damage from the enemies is too high to actually make sense compared to the other enemies that you find around them. The bosses are usually less intriguing with a few exceptions (such as that robot tank boss. That you are quite cool).

There are waaaaay more weapons you will never get a opportunity to use since you will run into enormously superior weapons in precisely the exact same time or earlier than them(I believe I have just used 4 katanas counting the beginning one, and my present one is 13 stars). Raid supervisors are pretty cool I think, and you get more choices as a participant in the way you play with PSO2. You feel like a superhero zooming around instead of a team methodically creating your way through chambers like you did in PSO. Races matter less, although there are far more of them. There are more courses, also, which is neat.

In PSO2they must pay you to grind out skipping cutscene after cutscene. PSO2 has more tiddies though, and you are able to make thicc girls without making them only fat. Not really sure thats a fantastic thing. Yeah after 300 hours of mostly playing with music on, nothing has really hit me. Wind and Rain UQ seems to be the only thing I kinda like.

Hell even the lobby music was great enough to where I grew tired of it whereas the wedding music had me completed after 30 minutes. Overall, the sheen of PSO2 is quickly wearing off for me personally, that is a shame. I had been really looking forward to it.

The BiS equipment is significantly RNG based with pretty bad rates, and though it gets better in later episodes, there is always some matters that Sega decides to place behind RNG-walls to produce people grind exactly the exact same quest over and over again. Class balance is very awful, and Sega does not buff older, underplayed courses, such as here mentioned Force often, instead they keep making new courses. And the majority of players perform Advanced/Successor courses (they are not out yet in NA server), partially since they are just a whole lot more pleasant to cheap PSO2 Meseta play at the new content.