What new changes do players hope for in NBA 2K21?

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Since EA launched NBA 2K20 to all players last year, most players have positive comments on the game. But things always have two sides, and there are also some parts in the game that make the players experience bad, causing the problem to become more and more serious. That’s why some people say that NBA 2K20 is too crude. The root cause is the server problem and the interruption of communication with the community, and the players must spend too many NBA 2K20 MT if they want to buy player cards.

The game team urgently needs to improve the communication part of the game. In the past year, the department’s work has deviated from the normal track, but they can implement three things to help publishers and developers communicate with their supporters. 2K has become a massively multi-player online game. A complete chat system is useful for game promotion.

2K team should announce the player card score and the number of all badges to the players instead of making players guess and wait. They shouldn’t fool the players just by posting complete patch notes. Second, although many players say that their current game progress is normal, there are still some deep-rooted problems that affect their game experience and break their beautiful fantasy of the game.

They should fix the programs worthy of improvement in the game as soon as possible to provide players with a more pleasant experience. In the upcoming NBA 2K21 released in September of this year, they would also better add this supplementary new content. Maybe these new gadgets will once again increase the popularity of the game and attract more people to join 2K. Many players with foresight are now looking for reliable agents to Buy NBA 2K21 MT, which is a wise choice.